Palermo Monreale Cathedral

The Monreale Cathedral has 6000 square meters of mosaic art works done during the timeframe of William the II, William the good.  1172.  Show representations from the Old and New Testimate tales.

Great views of the valley below from the rail behind the church.

We then went to Martorana.  Similar mosaics from the Greeks but the church was expanded and updated to be more western rather than eastern with Baroque style paintings in the extend half of the church.

Sean and I explored Palermo after that with our free time.  There were musicians in the piazza up from the 4 corners and we sat a listened for about an hour.  Oh and there was also free wifi there so maybe that’s why he wanted to stay so long.

That evening we rolled into Agrigento and there was a festival going on.  It was like a mini olympic games open parade – all of the different peoples that were in Sicily.  China, Romania, Albania, Scottish, etc – They played music, danced, and performed feats all while carrying torches in the evening.

Everytime I looked, they had another level of people in the stack.

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