Valley of the Temples…Outrageous Lunch…Hunting Lodge

Missed a day with a little bum wifi – but we started out the morning by waking the sleeping giants in the valley of the temples, Agrigento.

The temple of Concordia is the most complete because it was converted into a church and still used in the middle ages.  The rest were knocked down as temples to the Greek gods was considered no longer proper.  Many of the structure have been been partially reassembled into the outline of what they were.

We then went for a authentic Sicilian lunch.  Crazy good food and served family style with enough food to feed a group 3 times the size of us.  On the way, the hills were filled with German bunkers still sitting where they were left.

The afternoon, we went to a 300 AD hunting lodge where the most complete mosaic floors are available for viewing.  Some of these floors are 200 hundred feet long.  They tell stories of the animal brought in for hunting, the foods they ate, the activities, games, education, and lifestyles.



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