Taormina – several hours on the stairmaster

Taormina was a beautiful town.    We drove to the base on the big bus and then switched to a smaller bus to the a drop off below the city gate.  We then climbed to the entry gate of the city and proceeded to the center of town.  Here was a site where the Greeks built a coliseum, then the romans built a temple over the corner, and then a church was built over the a portion of both.

They still hold small venue concerts here.  We then went to the larger coliseum, yes we climbed because everything is built into the sides of mountains.

The view of the bay from the top fantastic.

We then decide to climb up here, 20 minutes of all stairs.

The church at the top was literally carved out of the stone wall and the ceiling was all jagged rock.  The views from the top were breathtaking!

I’m on top of the world – hey!



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