Pompeii No Way

Pompeii was unbelievable.  The intact roman ruins just kept going on and on.  The intact roadways, water and sewage system, and the organization of houses and food preparation is incredible sophisticated for the time.

I think Sean enjoyed this one.  There was just so much to see and learn about Roman life.  It was literally a snapshot frozen in time.  Tomorrow we see the museum that holds all of the artifacts removed from the site.

We saw Naples this morning.  Third largest city in Italy.  It is big and industrial.  We came in on the port to see the castles and here the history that developed off of the ocean.  It looked a little rough looking down the alleys.  But the hills are filled with beautiful places and another castle.

The afternoon we went to Sorrento.  It is a beautiful town with an incredible bay view.  Many waterways cut the paths down to see with waterfalls and sometimes roadways dropped down in them.  I did drink a little Limoncello when I was here.  They are known for there lemons and I assumed this was the best way to consume them.

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