Arrived in Rome and Immediately Overwelmed

Arriving in the morning of Sunday, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and began our couple of days in Rome.  Very tired.  Not much sleep happened on the flight over.

Driving into Rome, I was first hit by the remains of the original walls of Rome.  Amazing history that just borders the roadside.  My first few glances came from the bus window.  I knew a fantastic journey was about to begin.  We learned about and saw our first obelisk.  8 of these were shipped, taken, from Egypt and transported to Rome.

For example, the Minerveo with the base done by Bernini.

Our first stop was Italian Mass at Chiesa del Gesu.  Where else would any Jesuit based high school go first but, to see the church of St Ignatius of Loyola.  Also one of the most outstanding examples of Baroque elements and style.  Many of the ceiling paintings were almost 3D:trompe l’oeil effect.

What an exciting first experience in Rome.  Italian homily plus no sleep – sorry Father but I may have caught a quick nap.


Our next stop was lunch and the Pantheon.  I went for linguine and mussels.  Sean had pizza.  Wow, the artworks are just blowing my mind.  I have seen the pictures but in person and with the surrounding pieces – the detail and understanding of the depiction within the theme of the surrounding pieces – mind blown.


Can’t get enough of these streets – so cool the way these buildings flow around like they are following a little stream.

It is now downpouring rain but looking forward to the afternoon.

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